went for a jog, my first time since the journey, after letting my feet heal for about a week. they've ripped up a large part of the malecón so I had to run in the road for the first few blocks, then headed up Esterito when I reached the puente at the molinito. the sewer was backed up and overflowing through a manhole near the corner of Norte and Ramirez, so I had to pick my way carefully around the flow. then headed up Altamirano to Constitución, then two more blocks east to the Ley. bought some lard, and as I was headed back down 5 de Mayo saw another sewer overflowing right there at the corner of Héroes de Independencia and 5 de Mayo.

they're all too willing to tear up a perfectly good resource for their obras grandes but they can't keep their shit out of the streets. that's government for ya.

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