went fishing again this sunset. didn't find a fish carcass like last time, but found a small crab in the shallow water that I used for bait. no takers. not a total waste, though, I saw a school of fish jumping and churning the water just a few yards away.

I hit that throat bug hard with an almost-pure keto diet and probiotics. I wasn't sure the yogurt I cooked last night would turn out, because I mistakenly bought low-lactose milk thinking it was low-fat. but this morning it had a good yogurt consistency. and I've been eating lots of good Sonoran ground beef with onions. the throat doesn't feel better, but doesn't feel noticeably worse. so I still have a chance of beating it before I actually get sick.

I cheated a little and made some watered-down coffee this morning, plus had a few ounces of liquor throughout the day. hopefully not enough to undo the otherwise-good diet.

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