3rd attempt at fishing. still nothing, not even a bite.

binge-watched the Bourne movies again, all 5 of them this time, over the last 3 or 4 days. it takes several clicks to remove the popup ads on the free streaming sites like 123movies.com, gomovies.tech, and such, but after several tries you can usually watch it without interruption as long as you have a fast enough Internet connection.

one thing that came to mind this time, on the first movie, is that Jason shouldn't have taken the afternoon train to Zurich. he got there at night, in the cold, and got into an unnecessary and unwanted interaction with the cops. I'd have spent the afternoon sleeping on a beach, gone to a bar for a few cold ones, then taken the last train to arrive in the early morning.

then last night I watched the original Dirty Harry movie. early in the movie, when Harry walks into the hot dog joint while the bank robbery is in progress across the street, do you remember what the movie theater marquee reads? Play Misty For Me. thought that was a nice touch.

also, I didn't mention it, but on the Megabus between SF and Anaheim there were streaming movies available with their webapp. it really sucked, the movie stopped several times and when I got it back it was always back at the beginning, but as I really wanted to see John Wick 2 I put up with it. it was entertaining, as expected, but I had 2 things that really irked me. first, when D'Antino and Wick were talking the first time, it looked like both actors were wearing lipstick. the redness was over the top. the same thing bugged me in the Matrix. what is the point? other scenes didn't have it.

the other thing was when Cassian is revving his engine before running John over, John is just walking along nonchalantly. some great situational awareness there. on hearing that sound nearby, I'm always immediately looking around for the threat.

still have that throat bug, but I didn't want to keep paying all my food budget to stay on keto. I broke it today and made some rice.

I had been gifted some small organic potatoes, and after eating some, I forgot about the rest. they sprouted, and I planted them in some unused pots I had from last year. they're growing pretty well.

got an email from INAMI this morning, looks as though I've been approved for my residency. got to go in tomorrow to get fingerprinted. I stink like rotten fish, which is what I was using for bait, so I've got to take a shower and change my clothes.

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