hurt my back today, nothing serious, just a muscle I almost never use got used. I was replacing the fountain pump in the pool and one of the fittings was a real bear to remove. also, I couldn't find my soldering iron; thought it might have been stolen, but that didn't make much sense as there were so many other expensive tools that weren't stolen, so I kept looking. dumped out all my containers and took everything off the shelves. I found some kind of insects had eaten into all my wool clothing. threw a lot of stuff away and spread boric acid in the containers. finally, when everything had been sorted and still the butane iron hadn't been found, I shone the flashlight around the floor of the bodega and found it. finished the job and it works OK.

another secret to shopping at Ley I figured out a few days ago. there's a meat counter in back with tongs in various bins but no instructions on how the self-service works. once a year or two ago I had put some food into a bag and taken it to the front, and it caused some problems because there was no label on it. so this time I just put a piece of chicken in a bag, tied off the top, placed it on the counter, and waited. there was a lady working behind the counter, but she was busy with her back to me, and I was there several minutes.

finally a guy came out of the back, had a few choice words for the lady for making me wait (I guess), and weighed and labeled my purchase for me. I guess I could have made some noise myself, such as disculpe, "excuse me", and gotten her attention.

anyway, when you buy anything like that priced by weight, you can't also use the trick of paying for your purchases at the snack bar, where there's rarely a line. even though the item has already been weighed and priced, I guess there's some store policy that makes the cashier weigh it again, and since they have no scale at that register, they won't take such items. so it's best just to wait in line at the other registers.

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