of all the hare-brained ideas I get, one finally might pay off. I say "might" because the promise is there, but I might not be prepared to receive it. doesn't look good for me to get any sleep tonight.

one time, close to 40 years ago, I was walking somewhere near the Hell's Kitchen part of NYC, looking people in the eye as I had trained myself to do, not wanting to be like all those New Yorkers walking with their heads down. something caught my peripheral vision but I studiously ignored it. but when a couple passed me going the other way, my conscious got pricked by my subconscious enough to turn around, and sure enough, the man was picking a huge wad of cash off the sidewalk. I had just walked past it. I kicked myself, off and on, for years and occasionally still do, even though I know if I had gotten it then I'd just have blown it in a few days.

well, today I was looking in the right place. details coming someday, whether I win or lose.

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