went and refilled my tanks today. after a couple of failed attempts to find routes other than the dangerous highway, I backtracked and went on the highway maybe 4 or 5 miles each way to get to Caligas where I filled the 2 tanks I was carrying on my hand truck. I'm fucking exhausted, and my voice is almost gone from screaming at the motorists who wouldn't give me a fucking inch until they were almost on me. stopped and had 5 beers and 2 tacos along the way. didn't get home until 11:15 PM, La Paz time.

so I didn't have to save up 200 pesos after all. they charge by the kilo, and currently it's MXN21.50 a kilo, so it would have been $215 pesos each tank to fill it up. since I only brought $400, and they didn't want to figure out fractions, I got 18 kilos and $13 change. too tired to figure out if that was right, but I think it's in the ballpark anyway.

also I stopped at Tlapaleria Benton to get their price on the little 220ml canisters, $44 pesos, only $1 peso savings over Ferreteria El Gallo in Centro. no sense going something like 14 miles round trip to save a peso.

and I discovered I like Tecate almost as much as Pacifico, in the can anyway. one of my stops was at a taqueria and I got a bottle of that golden elixir, and it was heavenly.

anyway I made it home alive. on to the next adventure.

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