copied wubildr from C:\ to the first partition, the now-ext3 partition on which I installed Debian stable. that got rid of the "No wubildr" message on Ubuntu startup, but it still doesn't boot up all the way, and I left it on for hours just to make sure.

my last batch of yogurt started with some somewhat-soured milk from Soriana. it's odd to have ultrapasteurized milk spoil, but I figured what the hell, the acidophilus will work anyway. and it did. think of how much "bad" milk could be saved by turning it into yogurt instead of pouring it down the sink.

from the Ubuntu root shell, service dbus start followed by service network-manager start, gets a working wifi link going based on the AP specified during installation. and checking lsmod, I could see that the proprietary wl module wasn't being used at all; it's not even installed. brcmsmac is used instead. so I'm trying to get either/both of the Debian installs to use that, and no luck so far.

it's frustrating. I've got 2 Linux partitions now, plus the Ubuntu loop setup, and none of them are fully functional. lucky I still have Windows and coLinux.

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