just got another .001BTC payout from earn.com. all those extra lists I signed up for aren't helping at all, unfortunately, but the income from the airdrop and/or cryptocurrency investors lists are bringing in a steady trickle.

that toothache I had, what, a week ago? never returned. sure, there's still a little sensitivity to cold there, but so far no more pain. that's a good thing. clove oil is expensive down here.

been thinking about coding Jim Bell's "assassination politics" in an Ethereum contract, but first I have to learn both Solidity and Geth, and it's a tough slog. plus I'm not sure how to make a contract smart enough to determine the death actually took place on such-and-such a date and time. I've got to read it over a few more times and see if Jim gave some clear guidelines on that. if it has to depend on trusted humans it's probably doomed to fail.

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