did a longish jog today, maybe 5 miles or so. started at 12:18 local time and ended at 13:15, but had an untimed toilet break at Coromuel, roughly the halfway point, probably 3 to 5 minutes. my first 5k of the year.

on the way back, I lifted some rocks up near the surf. one had a crab that I couldn't tell was alive or dead; it was perfectly still. I tossed it into the water and after a few seconds it swam away. first crab I'd ever seen use the "play dead" approach. typically crustaceans will fight you no matter how small they are. there were also some black slug-like critters from 3 to 6 inches long that might make good bait. but I noticed a bit later that the fingers of my right hand were stinging, and there was blood on the thumb and forefinger where I had touched the worms. tiny cuts.

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