a few days ago I went to Ley to see how they ring up bulk goods purchases, since I'd been wondering about that. I put about 50g of blanched peanuts in a bag and took it to the register with a couple of telera rolls. the cajera (cashier) started explaining how I had to get it weighed and labeled by someone but I couldn't understand exactly who, so I just said dejalo (leave it) and just paid for the bread. continuing the experiment, I sat in the eating area and put some catchup and hot sauce on the bread and ate some of it there. I guess I could have used their free wifi had I bothered to bring a phone along.

tonight, I tried another experiment after googling about the safety of eating raw pork (it's supposedly pretty safe nowadays), and about using the alcohol in liquor to kill any parasites or bacteria that may have been in it (it might work). anyway, I ate one of the pork chops raw, and cooked the other one somewhat just using a lighter. I'll be eating it soon. hope I don't get sick just before my trip north. as you may know if you've been following my blog, I ran out of propane and I really don't want to buy any more before I go.

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