Defy. Resist. Evade. Smuggle.

the California registration of "bullet button" rifles had massive noncompliance due to a variety of factors.

one was the premature targeting of one of the "early bird" registrants, farmer Jeffrey Scott Kirschenmann. his honest attempt to comply landed him in a world of hurt.

another was the slashdot effect of thousands of California gun owners attempting to register in the last few weeks leading up to the deadline. the website not only failed to load, but in some cases leaked personal data of those who had already registered.

a third, and possibly most important, reason was that the law itself is contemptible and not worthy of any moral man's consideration.

DRES for success. between Charles Nichols's lawsuit against the Mulford Act on up to the current day, and Donald Trump's recent picks for the SCOTUS, the future is looking brighter for a resurgence of civil rights, starting with RKBA.

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