we've had fog every night for almost a month straight now. not sure we'll get any tonight, but it's cooling off pretty well, so probably.

I've been able to save a lot of food money so far this summer; I'm up to about $50 in reserve. those handouts at the Senior Center, the dumpster at Grocery Outlet, and the deals inside the store have been real windfalls. for example, I just scored a 5-liter box of wine at the dumpster the other day, which had had something spilled on the box that made it unsalable. that right there saved me about $10 (which is a pretty good deal in itself).

my Schwab debit card must have gotten skimmed, because there were about $1100 in fraudulent charges on it just 2 or 3 days after my last withdrawal, from the Petaluma Redwood Credit Union ATM. I told the manager about it today, but she was totally dismissive that it could have happened there. she said it gets checked every day. well, I checked my account history, and I haven't used the card anywhere but there in months, and the only other place on earth I've ever used it was the HSBC ATM in downtown La Paz. and I haven't been there since early May.

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