I was mistaken a few weeks ago about Cory Booker, thinking that his "Spartacus" moment was simple grandstanding and that he hadn't actually shared anything that hadn't already been cleared for public viewing. but I was wrong on that. so I've been reluctant to risk making the same mistake again, and haven't voiced my opinion on the new accusations of sexual assault by Booker himself.

but the differences between this situation and that between Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh are sufficient to make me want to stick my neck out again, and risk it being cut off.

first, this guy has no power. he doesn't have a Diane Feinstein backing him. he's taking on someone with connections to Hillary Fucking Clinton, and could be Seth Riched tomorrow and nobody would ever know.

second, he has no political axe to grind. he's gone sour on Democrats due to the experience, but his political leanings are still to the left, and in any case Booker isn't up for reelection until 2020; too far away for this scandal to have any direct effect as long as Cory ignores it as he has been doing.

third, Booker is ignoring it. so far I haven't heard anything directly from his office, only from a lawyer, Laura Ingraham, calls it a smear. Kavanaugh instantly rejected Ford's accusations against him, even though he could have pled the fifth and kept his current judgeship without risk of perjury.

anyway, I'm not going to attempt to predict how this turns out. but it should prove interesting, if Deep Throat doesn't have an unfortunate accident.

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