some things about the WBR-1310 I learned: when it's on its recovery firmware, its WLAN address is, and it's expecting a connection from, on the WLAN port. it doesn't respond at all on the LAN ports, not to or any other IP number. and it tries to initiate a TFTP RRQ for "COBRAART.SYS", but it doesn't launch a tftp server itself. oh, and you get to the recovery firmware by holding the reset button on powerup for some unknown number of seconds. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. when it works, connecting by browser to shows an upload form for a firmware image. you'll watch it upload your firmware, and then you don't see anything. just let it sit for at least 15 minutes, the longer the better, and hopefully when you power-cycle it the 2nd and 4th LEDs should flash, the former at 2Hz and the latter at 1Hz, and the LAN IP will be back to however, the username and password will be whatever it was last set to; the hard reset doesn't reinitialize that. luckily I had the config.bin saved, and zcat showed the XML with the password in it.

another gem is that telnetd is launched maybe 30 seconds after bootup, and sticks around for some time before shutting down. login is Alphanetworks with password wrgg19_dlwbr_wbr1310.

it doesn't have much in the way of utilities. nothing like wget, or nvram, or even mtd. but you can, for example, cat /dev/mtd/4ro > /var/log/tlogsmsg, and retrieve it from another xterm using wget and mv tsyslog.rg mtd4r0.

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