new recipe for beef burritos:

  1. large onion
  2. 2 poblano peppers, or equivalent in other, hotter or milder, peppers.
  3. 3 cloves of garlic
  4. 300g ground beef
  5. soy sauce or salt, ground black pepper, other spices to taste.
  6. small amount of water
  7. flour tortillas
  8. lard or coconut oil or other cooking oil

dice vegetables, mix with ground beef, soy sauce, and pepper, and place in cooking pot. add enough water just to cover the bottom 2 or 3mm so the food doesn't burn on at the beginning. the vegetables and beef will release more water as they cook.

cook on medium heat, covered at first, stirring occasionally, finally removing lid and boiling off most of the liquid. watch to make sure the filling doesn't burn on. it took maybe a half hour, but I wasn't timing it.

heat each tortilla 30 seconds to a minute on hot pan, spreading oil on top. when you see the tortilla start to bubble up in places, flip it over. place some filling in a line about 2/3 to 3/4 the diameter of the tortilla, leaving room at each end. make a fold at the bottom, then fold it in thirds right- to-left, sealing the filling inside. flip over and heat for about a minute, flip it over and heat for another minute, and then stack it on a plate. do this until the filling is gone, roughly 10 to 20 burritos depending on the size of the tortillas. feeds two very hungry people or 4 people with average appetites.

this was a much better approach than my previous method of cooking the filling on my comál. the flavors didn't blend that way and the beef got all dried out.

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