had a weird experience about noon today when at least my left eye was effectively almost blinded by a shimmering artifact that floated out of view when I tried to focus on it, but was mostly blocking my vision. it was shaped something like the letter L, but with the ascender closer to 60 degrees than 90. and it wasn't just straight lines, it was made up of angles, or text, or mathematical symbols. it was pulsing at a rate somewhere on the order of 10Hz. it may have been triggered by something on the web; I was looking at my phone, perhaps on Facebook, when it started; or it may have simply been something like the kaleidoscopic anomaly I had one time at the cabin, which my nurse friends said had something to do with blood sugar. anyway, it's something to watch for. if the elites have come up with a way to blind you for 15 minutes or so using social media, it could be used in all sorts of nefarious ways.

I went jogging soon after it started, since I could no longer program or do much else online. the artifact slowly moved to the left of my field of vision and finally disappeared within 15 to 20 minutes.

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