misremembered there being a hardware store past the Raley's a bit. there isn't, and if there was, it's a K-mart now.

Raley's seems to think they can use 1/8 addresses as a private network. they're using, which of course has now been assigned, breaking their paywall and making their gateway unusable. so I came to the Starbuck's and used the last of my points for coffee and a squat.

Chuck forgave me my misunderstanding of the spam email that came from his old account last September. if I had known it was he, I never would have said "fuck off, shithead." I reserve vulgar replies like that for the bottom-feeder scammers of the Internet.

there's lots of soaproot at the campground, along with dandelion, catsear, and other edibles. and salsify, Tragopogon porrifolius, along the highways. no need to go hungry in Grass Valley.

got lost heading to Grocery Outlet earlier today. missed the 90 degree turn of East Main at the roundabout and headed east on Idaho-Maryland road instead. took a left at Spring Hill Drive but it dead-ended unannounced with Private Peoperty/No Treaspassing signs on undeveloped land. obviously not property in the Lockean sense, but instead like Proudhon's "property is theft" sense. anyway a guy came by with his dog and I asked if it were a footpath; he said "technically no, but that way (left) will take you along the highway, and this way (right) will take you to the apartments."

so I discovered a new unauthorized route to Grocery Outlet and the full-sized Safeway. also I learned a little about the buses; the #4 stops outside Staples but the #1 stops on the other side of the highway. the #5 goes to Auburn and from there a bus will connect you to Sac light rail south of Roseville.

on my way into town I saw one of those nasty invasive broom plants on the hillside, and got inspired in my somewhat drunken state to uproot it for the greater good of the local ecosystem. but it was on about a 45 degree downslope, and I ended up flat on my back in Himalayan blackberry, clinging to the broom plant to keep from rolling into Wolf Creek below. luckily nobody embarrassed me by passing by, and in about 5 minutes I was able to right myself, scramble back up the embankment, climb over the railing, brush myself off, and walk on pretending nothing had happened.

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