today after getting a bargain on grass-fed beef at Safeway, I explored farther up the creek path that starts at the Chevron on East Washington and goes almost to the airstrip. harvested some cattail, yellow plums, and a little mustard. it's a bit late in the season for cattail, but I found a few with green heads.

for maybe the first time, I had my tarp in easy access when I came upon a tree with ripe fruits. placed it on the ground under the plum tree and shook the branch. got about 20 to 30 fruits instantly.

the SMART station now has a working fare machine, so I can check my Clipper card balance at any time. it's long overdue. they also have bike lockers supplied by BikeLink which I'm wondering can be used as a place to crash overnight in an unfamiliar city or when it's raining. this calls for some investigation.

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