I probably had this epiphany before, but each time it sticks better: don't compare things just because they are nominally the same. you might miss out. for example, I brought back enough of that Combate coffee from Mexico to last me for about 7 weeks. then I switched to Gevalia from Sweden, which I found on sale at Grocery Outlet. I didn't like it. too weak and watery, it seemed. but after about the 3rd day, I started liking it. it has its own character.

same goes for wines. I never liked Shiraz, preferring Zinfandel or Pinot Noir. but the other day I found a Shiraz I liked at Trader Joe's. I applied the same rule, don't compare it to others, just to itself, and I found it has its own rich flavors unlike any other grape. just like I don't really care for Cabernet Sauvignon, in general, but I've had some absolutely astounding cabs when I wasn't expecting it.

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