free fishing day in California today, yeah I know everyday is a free fishing day to an anarchist, well, maybe I'm not willing to risk my life and liberty to catch a fish. anyway I forgot the bait at home, wasn't willing to stop my jog to go and get it, and figured I'd find something to use.

eventually I did: one of those "walking shrimp", I don't know what else to call them except perhaps cucarachas del mar, those little roach-like things that live on the rocks and scatter when you approach. this was one of the slower types and it was walking on mud. grabbed it easily and added it to the artificial worm on my hook for flavor.

eventually the tide turned around, and I was hoping for some action, but brought in my line first to cast it out a little deeper. then I noticed the "shrimp" was gone. I stayed maybe half an hour more and then gave up. on the way back I stopped at my favorite dumpster, outside Grocery Outlet, and found a case of fresh Italian sausages that must have just been tossed, it was still cold. took two pound of that, and .74 pounds of steak that had been sitting there a while, and was now hot, but still smelled good when I opened the package. so I did pretty well after all.

last night I spent a considerable amount of time trying to get Zelle to work on my phone. tried debit card after debit card, a couple of times I got to the confirmation stage but didn't receive the SMS. so I tried sending SMS messages to my phone from other devices. nothing. eventually I tried sending an SMS message to another phone from the one I was using, and that worked, and then suddenly it started receiving them as well. so I re-used one of the debit cards that worked and got a Zelle account. whoopee. but next time I tried to log into it I got the dreaded A101 error. those replies clinched it for me: Zelle is worthless, and I won't use it, at least not with FreedomPop, because only the FP app knows the number; it's not stored in settings where the Zelle app can see it, hence the error. it would be nice if they'd check that somewhere earlier in the installation procedure, and maybe even give a useful error message, but it is what it is.

Bisq doesn't seem to be very useful in the US. I'm assuming most of its volume is from Asia or elsewhere overseas. there are very few offers up, and most of them have been sitting there untouched since I checked yesterday.

on my way to the marina today, I got stopped by a SMART (train) cop who told me he was ordered to arrest anyone who crossed the tracks. I told him I wouldn't do it again, assuming he meant only right there where it was marked; kind of hard not to cross the tracks where they intersect with the roads and sidewalks. and eventually they're going to open that bike path, I would assume. it's stupid really. SMART isn't even a private entity. they're paid directly by tax dollars (1/4 cent added to Sonoma County sales tax), so all their property by rights is public.

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