there seems to be a dearth of information on simple design matters that would improve the quality of life of all if the gatekeepers of said info were more interested in promulgating it for public benefit.

for example, it is widely understood that good public restroom design minimizes the chance of fecal bacteria being spread, which, assuming non-malicious users of the facilities, means minimal effort in leaving said facility without having to touch anything with the hands. Costco, and most truck stops I've been to including the Dunnigan, CA Pilot gas station, are the best; no doors at all, just a zig-zag entrance to keep prying eyes out. once you wash your hands, just walk out. Costco also has no door at the main entrance to the store.

second best would be a door that swings out, with a kickplate so that most people can use their feet to open it. third best would be a door that opens inward, but with a towel dispenser and trash can right next to the door, so that those exiting may grab a paper towel, open the door with it, and toss it as they leave.

and yet: most public restrooms I see don't do any of these. doors open inward and there are no paper towels at all, or they're not near the door, and there is no place to dispose of them except the floor.

for another shitty example, Joseph Jenkins's Humanure Handbook should be promulgated everywhere as the sanest way to deal with human "waste", and using 26.7% of our drinking water to flush it away (PDF) has to be one of the worst. and yet, I am one of very few even talking about it.

a third example would be on deterring violent crime. though there is a lot of debate on the subject, the fact is that short of a dystopian society in which everyone is being watched 24/7, lethal power in the hands of everyone willing to carry it is the most practical solution. and it's far more economical than having a policeman for every few denizens, even for those who prefer the latter.

I just checked to see if a website exists for information like this. bestpractices.org seems to focus on governmental solutions, and best-practices.org is parked at godaddy.com. I'd be willing to host a wiki but I'm not going to pay big bucks for the domain.

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