an idea I just came up with while drinking another of those St. Joseph's Belgian style Tripel ales I instagrammed a few days ago...

since I want to live as freely as a deer, whom no cop tries to control and no human can willingly kill without legal problems:

how about anyone who declares himself free be treated as a deer: free to live his life as he sees fit most of the year, not being subjected to any arbitrary "laws" unless he infringes the life, liberty, or property of a human. in that respect I'd be less free than a deer, who gets to munch my garden without repercussion, but I can live with that. and for a few weeks each year, I can be hunted. I'd take that deal in a heartbeat. I'd hide out in the mountains and/or forests of California, with my rifle and ammunition, and welcome any and all comers. I believe that, after the first year, very few would leave the comfort of their homes during open season on anarchists, as the reward/risk ratio would be so low, especially for people who aren't into cannibalism.

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