tested out that free sample Hollister incontinence kit a day before leaving. second time I urinated it leaked at the external catheter, which doesn't make a good seal. threw away the whole thing in disgust.

slept in parks today, then caught the 10PM Megabus to L.A., whose driver accepted my ticket for the midnight bus. but the Wifi, again, failed to function and the plug kept falling out of the socket. and the Love's truck stop had stopped selling beer at midnight, probably due to some stupid fucking blue laws. I never remember that shit and it irritates me every time. "free country" my ass.

re-learning to use half and half in my Starbucks coffee. it reduces the icky feeling in my stomach after drinking it.

got my day pass on Metrolink already. I'm thinking about hanging out on Palm Avenue near the ocean until my flight, instead of in San Ysidro. we'll see.

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