my wheat berry sprouts are on their third day. the roots and grass are about 1/4" long. I mashed some in the molcajete to make a paste, added salt and oil, and left it for a couple of hours while I jogged and did other things. when I got back, I formed it into a tortilla of sorts on my comál and cooked it. it took several minutes to get it to where it would hold together to flip, then the other side finished more quickly. very tasty, and interesting texture, but no substitute for a real tortilla, being too brittle.

also, it was too hard to mash in the molcajete. on my way back from jogging today, I identified 3 rocks along the coastline that could be used as a metate, after grinding them down for a while.

also, I got some help from the Vetelia folks on their Facebook page, and today was able to get my free ride (you are gifted after installing their app) after getting a signal from La Terraza strong enough to reach the Vetelia parking area across the street. I clicked the balloon for the Ride station at which I was standing, and was able to then scan the barcode on one of the bikes, which unlocked. however, I could not kick back the kickstand. after futzing with it for a few minutes, I finally laid it down and was able to push it easily by hand. so I got my ride. I went down to the next station south, past Bravo, parked and locked it. that was fun, but the electric assist scares me a little. if it malfunctioned and didn't stop when I stopped pedaling, I could be in some serious danger.

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