Experiments in defecation. Tried the India "squat" method using the shower drain. Too messy. Took almost as much water to clean up as it would have been to flush. So I'm now using a plastic bag lining a bucket. Putting neem leaves on top of each "use". When I leave I'll tie off the bag and dump it in the trash, same as people do with dog poop. Not ideal, but in an ideal world there'd be composting toilets for free everywhere.

That red sauerkraut I made 4 weeks ago is still going strong, unrefrigerated. No sign of mold or even kahm yeast.

Tried cleaning the linings of my leather jackets by sponging them with a washcloth soaked in chorinated and soapy water. It worked OK on the suede jacket, but the heavy black leather is soaked with sweatstink all the way through, it seems. I'll need something stronger for that.

Volaris claims it's going to start flying to Tijuana tomorrow. I plan to be there at the airport every day there's a direct flight scheduled, and try to use my June 2 ticket (of which the flight has already been canceled) to get on one of them.

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