Haven't settled down into my law studies yet the way I need to. But I've got some sauerkraut going, and some apple cider fermenting, and pretty much have my kitchen (Coleman dual-fuel camp stove with gasoline) and pantry ready for the next few weeks. The 2 pound bag of espresso roast I got for ten bucks at Grocery Outlet isn't tasting very good to me yet, but I'm stuck with it and will make it work.

I decided some time ago that one's first duty is to keep himself healthy and fed. I can't be much use to anyone else if I'm malnourished or sick.

Got my old iPod Touch and Samsung Tab powered up today. The iPod still works great, but the Samsung is still in that same Cyanogen 10 boot loop it was in last time I tried it. Reinstalled, no help. No idea what to do.

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