I just woke up from a nap, and remembered something that popped into my mind a few days ago after sleeping, and forgot to jot down.

Large, flat, balloons, maybe a 1/4 acre or so in size. Inflate them with hot air, fly them over your house with a reflective side (white or aluminized mylar) up to slow global warming. If they could be manufactured in quantity such that they were affordable by a few billion people, maybe could make a difference, maybe not. And people could fly them black side up and cancel the white ones out, or worse. You never know.

The word "flying" brings up a more fun variant on the theme, one I've probably blogged before. Putting them black-side-up in the sun may be enough to heat them just enough to offset your weight. Then you could do Superman-like jumps from city to city. Or rig a way to carry a propane tank and pump hot air into it on demand, for better control.

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