An experiment with sprouting alafalfa in brine with sauerkraut didn't work. Tossed it out yesterday after 3 or 4 days.

Started a microbatch of olives yesterday afternoon, which were foraged from the trees lining Rohnert Park Expressway starting outside Food Maxx and going east to Shari's. Crushed them with my steel Starbucks cup in a jar lid.

Got my chinup bar installed this morning before coffee. Sharpened my 5/16" drill bit with a file, grabbed it with Vise-Grips, and finished the holes I had gotten to 1/4" with my power drill the other day, and had used the reamer to get them almost to 5/16, but it was really slow going. The drill bit did the trick.

Problem is, I've got less than a month to achieve a beach bod before arriving in La Paz. Ain't gonna happen. Maybe for next winter then.

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