After only about a week of daily meat intake, my arthritic pains are disappearing. It's particularly noticeable when I try to scratch my back with my right arm. It was almost painless just now. That month or so of limiting my meat intake was enough to convince me it's just not healthy for me.

That said, I still look for last-markdown discounts before I buy. Today it was a grass-fed NY Strip steak in the manager's discounts for 30% off at Safeway. I have it marinading in Hobgoblin beer, soy sauce, and a little toasted sesame oil. It was a little over $6, but 0.8 pounds and well marbled.

Two days ago I picked a few acorns, left some of the green ones to dry, and am leaching the ones that already looked dry enough. So I've got a tiny batch of 3 different forages: California bay fruit, olives, and acorns, to leach and brine.

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