Working on breaking in a generator, first two times I tried it started "surging" after 20 minutes: revving, idling, revving, idling, about a half hertz. I Googled it, and determined it was probably due to not having a load on it. So this time I plugged in a shop vac, and ran it while the genny was running.

But it turned out, that "surging" (not a good term, but what I found online) was due to the generator running out of gas. I filled it with my last gallon and it ran for about 2 hours. Now to replace the oil and prep it for conversion to natural gas.

Tasted my 3 pre-ferments today. The olives and acorns were still way too bitter, but the California bay fruits may be ready to pickle. I didn't though, I was busy with other stuff today. Maybe tomorrow.

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