I've been thinking about renting some space to use for a workshop slash kinetic sculpture studio for a while. In the Petaluma area, it's prohibitively expensive, but here in La Paz, BCS, I can get a house in the remoter parts of town for under $200 (that's USD... in pesos, about $4000 at current exchange rates) per month. I went to check out one of the neighborhoods today, way out on Forjadores on the way to Los Cabos, not far before the propane refilling place. The "Colonia", or "Fraccionimiento", is called "Camino Real". It's a lower middle class or upper working poor neighborhood, and I couldn't find any free wifi, and barely found a public restroom in time. But it looks like a decent place to rent, if I can ever get a clear reply from the lady who owns it.

I was disabused of the notion I'd heard earlier this year, that in the poorer neighborhoods almost nobody masks up, by this visit. Almost invariably, people on the buses, walking on the street, even driving, were wearing masks. It was only in the neighborhoods surrounding Centro that I saw lots of people not wearing them. Almost as if the tourists setting a "bad" example were the impetus behind the revolt.

I saw somebody harvesting tamarindo fruits a few days ago in Jardin Velasco. Right now there are green, brown, and black fruits on the trees, representing new, one-year, and two-year-old fruits. The brown ones, ripe and sweet, are ideal for picking. The black ones are inedible, and the green ones are completely edible, even the seeds, which are rock-hard in the brown ones, but too sour for many uses. Dates are also ripe this time of year, but too far out of reach unless you can climb the trees. Both have been harvest-ready for at least a month now, but I've kept forgetting to blog it.

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