Got my handtruck and PV panel back yesterday, thanks again to those same benefactors.

It was also confirmed that my hunch was correct about who called the cops on me.

Now, let's get back to the premise that having to show proof of purchase, or identification, is wrong. I actually had to spend time thinking about it, because even though my visceral response is to reject it under any circumstances, if I had just been robbed of my possessions, wouldn't I want the cops to check if they saw someone carrying something that looked like my stuff?

It comes back to what you value more, human dignity or goods. In a simple anarchic society, if you suspect someone has your bike or your car, you first simply ask them. Don't just listen to their words, watch their eyes and body language. If you think for sure they have stolen your property, take it back by force, enlisting friends to help if necessary. If it turns out you were wrong, you would have to make things right with your victim.

Same thing, pretty much, with Nozick's "dominant protective association". They'd want to have pretty solid proof of your ownership before they'd go after someone, because if they violate another's rights, they will have to pay.

But police suffer no penalty for being wrong. They just demand compliance, and will lock you up if you disobey. Let's say you agree with that, and that anyone caught in the street with something that might be stolen property can be made to prove ownership of same, or at minimum have a report made out with their name, place of domicile, and time of incident, so they can find you if they get a match on the description of the property in their complaints file. How far do you want to take this? Should cops have the right to enter every car and house, and inventory all your goods to make sure you don't have anything belonging to someone else? Do you want to have to keep receipts forever? If you answered "no" to any of the above, what makes it right if it's a pedestrian who is subjected to this type of behavior?

I'm still convinced that a voluntaryst society wouldn't tolerate anything like that. And that any so-called government that violates people's rights in this manner is tyrannical, even if most of the society agrees with it. And that I would rather risk death than willingly cooperate with such a corrupt and inhumane system. Although, for the sake of prudence, I will from now on probably state my objection while showing my ID, in any Mexican jurisdiction. My people will suffer if I don't, and I can't have that on my conscience either.

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