I guess it's time to admit publicly what I've already told a few friends in private: I'm dropping out of law school. While it's still theoretically possible for me to get in the necessary hours, practically speaking, it ain't gonna happen. I lost the drive.

The main problem is lack of discipline, but there are other factors. While working on my thesis papers, I came to realize that application of Lockean rights is rare to nonexistent in American jurisprudence, and in E.J. Parker's case, he was not even allowed to approach these ideas in his defense.

Then covid-19 restrictions put the lie to the entire bill of rights, as freedom to travel, to congregate, to spend one's own time and money supporting businesses and causes he favors, were all thrown out the window, for a virus. There is no rule of law in the United States. There are 50 state-level dictatorships, one at the federal level, and thousands more in cities, counties, and territories.

It was a comforting lie while it lasted, though.

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