I thought I had, many years ago, written up my ASCII-based phonetic alphabet, made by repurposing redundant letters. But I can't find it, so I'll do it again, and keep it here in my blog for posterity. This one may not be exactly the same, in fact I'm pretty sure it isn't.

a - as in Spanish "a", American "ah". 4 - the "aw" in "saw" or the "a" in British "father". b - same as English. c - hard "th" as in English "bath". d - same as English. e - like the first part of "a" in English "fade"; the pure Spanish "e" sound as in "mesa". 3 - like English "short e"; the "e" in English "echo" or "pen". f - as in Enlish and Spanish. g - as in English "go", Spanish "gas". h - like English "h" in "hot". i - as in English "mink", Spanish "fin". 1 - as in English "fish": the "short i". j - like the French "j". English "j" should be phonetically spelled "dj". k - like German "ach", Spanish "j". l - as in English. Will also stand for French, German, Spanish "l" sounds even though they are qualitatively different. m - as in English, Spanish, and many other languages. n - as in English, Spanish, and many other languages. o - as in Spanish "foto", English "prone". p - as in English, Spanish, and many other languages. q - "k" in English. r - as in English. Can also be the dental click in Spanish or the uvular "r" of German and French. s - as in English and (usually) Spanish. t - as in English, Spanish, and many other languages. u - as in English "push", German "Mutti". v - as in English and Spanish. w - long "u" as in English "ruse", Spanish "mula". Also "w" as in "we". x - as in German "ich". Can also be the "sh" in English "she". y - "soft th" as in English "the". z - as in English.

A text in this phonetic alphabet could have normal English spelling interspersed "in quotes like this".

A text in normal English (or other language) could have phonetic words <1n 3ingl br33ck1ts laik y1s>.

Doubling and combining letters doesn't change their sounds; doubling only lengthens it, as the <33> above for representing the "a" in "bracket".

I may have to change some things if this isn't universal enough. Let's reserve capital letters not "in quotes meaning standard spelling" for other unique sounds.

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