just awoke a little while ago, and in that semi-awake state connected some dots that have been building a picture, but until now I wasn't able to see it.

the proposed ban on "green tip" ammunition that the ATF floated recently has generated a backlash I seriously doubt they, or anyone, would have expected, including me. even the NRA, the big slumbering giant, has been awoken by the noise and started getting recalcitrant congresscritters in line.

for my friends who are into other things and to whom this may look like a silly sideshow: it's not. Waco and Ruby Ridge were followed by years of standoff between a government (acting on behalf of the moneyed elites) intent on making any resistance toothless, and the unorganized militia who saw the swastikas on the wall and decided to make sure it wouldn't happen. I myself was only made aware of what was going on about 7 or 8 years ago.

the tl;dr summary is: this is the latest battle in the still-nonviolent revolution.

the ATF knows this ammunition for AR-15 and similar rifles is the cheapest and most readily available (until recently anyway, due to this proposed edict causing binge buying) hunk of lead and steel that will be floating in the direction of its masters and their minions once gun confiscations begin on any serious level. they fear the consequences, and they fear the 3 percent or so of Americans who will fight back. this ho-hum "commonsense" measure, which by their own twisted logic could have been imposed decades ago, but wasn't, isn't fooling anybody. the shitstorm of response this has generated is telling our would-be masters exactly what they have been fearing: this ammunition is primarily to be used on them, and they don't like it one bit.

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