assassination conspiracy

I've been thinking about that "execution" of officers Liu and Ramos a few days ago, and how the cops had been warned of the Black Guerrilla Family's plan but chose to treat it as "not credible"...

neither gang, the NYPD or the BGF, wants all-out war. doesn't it make sense that there were some high-level communications between the two groups, and a deal worked out? a deal in which two cops who maybe weren't well-liked, or were suspected rats to Internal Affairs, or for whatever reason were considered expendable, were offered up as a sacrifice to quench some of the flames of unrest?

what I can't yet make sense of is Brinsley; was he suicidal on contemplating being sent back to prison after shooting his girlfriend? or did the Family hold something over his head he valued more than his own life? or maybe... is it possible he didn't actually shoot himself, he was going to attempt escape, but someone was waiting for him?

what got me started on this tangent was that I was expecting the pro-police articles to have lots of details of the officers' lives, showing what good, righteous people had their lives unfairly snuffed out. I saw nothing, just the lamentations of Ramos's son. sure I could have missed something, but it's pretty safe to say that if many in the NYPD had good things to say about those two, it would have percolated to my Facebook feed.

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