coffee and crypto

This morning I didn't get up early to go get coffee at Cafe Batalla. So I made it myself as I used to do, since I've got plenty of cheap alcohol now for fuel. The difference in taste between drip coffee and camp coffee is amazing. Mine is so much sweeter, with complex flavors, compared to drip coffee which has more of a caffeine buzz but very little in the way of flavor. And I drink both black, with nothing added.

Crypto still heading skyward. Bitcoin shot up $3200 overnight, and Dogecoin is approaching 9 cents, both new all-time-highs against the dollar. I'm going to be solidly $10k in the black on my 65th birthday, the richest I've ever been in my life dollar-wise. In terms of actual spending power, technically I was richer when I left Skowhegan in the fall of 1976 with a couple thousand in travelers' checks in my pocket. But you couldn't buy a super powerful computer, that fit in your pocket, for $50 back then.

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