Subject: Who the hell are you?

Now i never talked to you before but ovouisly you talked or did buisness with my father also.Number one get the jr off your web site because it should say sr.I never even talked to you before but yet you got jr on your web site like i did buisness with you or something.Number one i sold on ebay only a couple items and had a user id of roxeys1 but havent sold nothing since march of 03 so you see i never sold you nothing.Now whatever coin or something you and my dad did buisness with has nothing to do with me so dont get it mixed up.I see your listening to the justin spence guy who just has his ass in between his legs and dont know what to do with his time.If you dont know the whole story then dont go there.

My father did all this mess and now got me involved with a big mess that i see i will have to clear up somehow.Acually once i prove it wasnt me i dont care no more about any of this.I just want you to know get the facts right before acussing someone.And get my wifes name off the web site or you will be involved with the law suit thats already started also.I have no problem adding you to the suit.My wife sure as fuck dont have nothing to do with this shit and as for me its just my name getting mixed with my fathers so get it strait!