Ebay's thebluechicken

The thicker "wire" is a human hair. The thin stuff is what this liar is selling. Click for a larger photo that includes the piece of cardboard he wraps it around. No wonder he can't give a photo of the real stuff, it's too small to photograph. I did this with a scanner.

Here is our email conversation. Here is a cached copy of the sale page. You be the judge.

Me to him:

I got the wire, and it might serve my purposes, but I am really disappointed in the thickness. This isn't what was in the photo, unless you magnified it by 10 or more, and you didn't state that you did. This is about the diameter of a hair.

Him to me:

it is 45 guage.. I always try to answer questions about the weight, thickness etc. don't want anyone to be unhappy.. I do let people know it is thin, and not to buy for weight.. please don't be upset.. I am not trying to cheat anyone.. I am a teacher.. and this stuff really is worth the money as long as it is not purchased specifically for weight. it can take a serious amount of current without corruption, also is quite malable with the Tungsten addition.. please leave me positive feedback, I will do the same for you.. Adam BIG..

I wasn't buying for the weight. I bought it to make a simple hydrogen fuel cell as on this webpage: http://scitoys.com/scitoys/scitoys/echem/fuel_cell/fuel_cell.html. As I said, I might be able to use it for that purpose, but with a lot less surface area than the wire on the webpage, which your photo resembles but your actual wire does not. I want to believe it was an honest mistake, but I've been scammed before and you didn't make any mention of the photo being magnified. I won't give negative feedback, because you did deliver, but am not happy with the value I got for my money. If you'd refund me say $20 I'd be a lot happier. If you don't want to, that's fine, but don't expect better than neutral feedback. I expect the same kind of honesty in listings that I give in mine.

The wire is what it is.. I say right in the listing that it is thin.. obviously you should have asked me any questions before bidding.. there are other people like ugems that sells the same wire as me for ten dollars per inch.. and Thomasscientific sells it for about $60 if you want to leave me a neutral that is not cool.. but do what you have to do.. I would just relist it if you are not happy.. I am not about giving refunds.. as I describe my items exactly as they are.. you can use it for a fule cell, I've done it many times.. anyway try to be cool and leave me a positive so I can do the same for you.. Adam BIG..

If you leave me a positive, I will do the same for you.. but try not to threaten me with a neutral.. you are the one that bought the item.. any questions should be asked prior to the auction end.. I was very descriptive in my listing.. you are just mad because you thought you were getting something else... your mistake not mine.. everyone else likes what I sell.. don't get mad at me for your mistake..

As I said, what I got isn't what's in the picture. It's like the pictures you see outside a burger joint. I'm not "threatening" neutral feedback. I'm just going to tell it like it is, and maybe put a pointer to a webpage with our full email conversation. I don't like your dishonesty or your attitude.

Do what you have to do.. I really have better things to do than listen to such a cry baby.. you should have asked me about the size.. I never would have sold to you if I had know you were one of those unruly annoying babies from Ebay.. I normally sell to big boys.. go cry to someone else.. I could care less how you spend your time. if you want to leave me a neutral for your stupidity then go for it.. I got mad at you and developed an attitude because you were scolding me.. and then asking for a refund.. I hate dealing with such petty bullshit do me a favor and next time don't bid on my items.. now leave me alone..

The guy's name is Adam Reinisch. His email is (removed due to eBay policy), and he has a shitty website at http://www.funwithbig.com/. His business address is 104 Preston Rd., Parsippany, NJ. 07054. He deliberately misleads buyers on eBay with his fake photos (of the wire) and false descriptions (the rolls of coins). And he waits until you give him feedback before he leaves it for you, so he can retaliate: a negative for a neutral in my case, and negative for positive in this case, with lots of verbal abuse. What a psychotic prick.

PS -- he had my feedback removed because it contained a link to this page, and also got PayPal to remove my About Me page. In retaliation, I've complained to eBay about any little infraction he's made, and they made him put an honest headline on his rolled coins, which really hurt his profit margins. I also bitched to the New Jersey alcohol bureau about some whiskey he was trying to sell on eBay, and got that operation shut down as well. I still don't feel vindicated, especially since PayPal refused to award me a partial refund on the wire, after making me wait over a month for their decision.