Update - found some prickly pear growing just outside LA's Union Station, in a parking lot. Ate a piece today, it was delicious. Also today noticed a sign that said mussels are to be considered poisonous until further notice, and no other mollusks are safe either. There's also a fish called white croaker that contains, reportedly, dangerously high levels of DDT and PCBs.

I met a lady on one of the piers today who said that Long Beach piers 1, 2, and 3 are legal to fish from any time, and in fact one can set up a tent and stay on them all night. No license is required to fish from the piers, but that's not true from the rocks along the coast. Good stuff to know.

I found some fruit on a decorative plant there on the coast today too. I tried taking a picture of it with that shit James Bond 007 camera I bought from ThinkGeek.com, but none of the pictures were readable and there's a corrupted filesystem on the camera I can't seem to fix. It shows an image 4GB large which can't be deleted. About $100 down the shithole there. Did I mention the soundbug is no damned good either? Not even as loud as the little shit speakers on the laptop.

Anyway, getting back to the fruit. It resembles something halfway between a grape and a plum on the outside. Inside it is purplish red, pulpy and milky, with a sweet taste. I just tasted it and spit it out; tomorrow I might try eating one. The leaves of the shrub (no relation to our president, I hope) are shiny and have no teeth as do plum leaves. If anybody recognizes it from my description please email me with any info, preferably before I die from eating it. Oh, the seeds inside look something like dried lentils. Each fruit has several.

Hm. She lambasted me in a lengthy email. Nothing I don't deserve, but damn it hurts. Hyper from drinking too much coffee, previously at Starbucks, now at this little bohemain coffeeshop in Long Beach on 4th and Junipero. Recommended to me by an interesting dude named Val I met at Starbucks earlier. Life is wonderful. Life sucks. Film at 11. Stay tuned.

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