Aha! Now I know how to sign jarfiles with my Thawte Freemail cert. First you export it using Netscape's Certificate Manager as described elsewhere. Then you use jarsigner as usual, but with the added switches:

jarsigner -storetype pkcs12 \
 -keystore jcomeau.p12 \
 screencapture.jar "john otis comeau's thawte id"

And to find out what your alias is (mine is, obviously, "john otis comeau's thawte id"):

keytool -list -keystore jcomeau.p12 \
 -storetype pkcs12

Went through a lot of google results of people trying to convert pkcs12 to jks before I found the post with the gordian solution! Now, remember, Thawte makes a living selling things like code signing certs, so only use this for test purposes. If you're going to sign commercial software, buy the cert!

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