I am leaving negative feedback on eBay for the first time. I hate to do it, because the problem is partly my fault, but since the guy doesn't answer his emails I need to get his attention somehow.

Back on March 9, I bought a pair of USB speakers from eBay user craftsnflowers for $3.95, plus $4.95 shipping. I had to email him twice with my General Delivery address because he didn't see my first email. He did answer the second, and so I replied again with the general delivery address in San Ysidro, CA.

Turns out San Ysidro doesn't accept GD. Bummer. Should have checked first. My fault. But also, he (Rodney Finnestad) must have been told by the sending P.O. that San Ysidro is not a valid GD destination address. Maybe he never checked his email so he didn't see my reply. Perhaps he sent the speakers to my Florida address, which I won't be returning to for another few months, in all likelihood.

Anyway, I sent him another two followup emails asking him what's the story and never got a reply. I think he maybe has some kind of spamtrap setup that's not letting him see his email. Whatever the problem is, he'll have to fix it or he's going to keep getting bad feedback from pissed-off customers.

I'm not that mad, though I wish I had the speakers; they're probably in Florida waiting for me.

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