Haven't even had a chance to upload the previous blog, and here I am yammering away again... so far this day has been less than productive. All I've done so far is spend a lot of money (relative to what I spend usually; you'll probably laugh) - let's see, $1.25 for the taxi (that included a tip, which I don't normally do, but I didn't want the hassle of waiting for my 15 cents change), then $2.16 for two double cheeseburgers from the McD dollar menu, then at the first Starbucks I hit in Chula Vista, about $4 (that's where I wrote the last blog), then about $32 at the Wal-Mart bordering National City, for a pair of rollerblades and a battery-powered drill/driver; then another $2.16 at McDs, and now $1.15 for green tea at the H street & Broadway Starbucks, plus 25c tip. That's over $10 just for food. The rollerblades? I've got to learn how to use them; I've tried, unsuccessfully, over the past few years but now maybe I have the time and freedom to really get into it. They'll do until I develop something better. Plus, I don't need all 4 wheels; I can use one pair to repair the AT flightbag. The drill/driver is also to repair the flightbag; unfortunately I broke off the stupid little 1/16" drill bit when pulling the drill out of the plastic case. There may be enough left of it to use in drilling out the rivets though. I also have an idea to use the motor to drive the flightbag while I ride along behind on the rollerblades. Maybe.

What I'd really like to do is build - now get this - an inflatable parasail, out of ripstop nylon, somehow with many different cells so that if some are punctured the rest will still hold the helium, and use that to fly around with. Make it somehow so I can flap the "wings" to move around. No, I don't want one of those noisy mosquito harnesses. The beauty of this is, if I build it right, I can also use it as a raft on the water and as a hammock or sleeping pad on land. Shoot, maybe even wear it as a poncho or serape too, when not flying, floating, or sleeping!

Nomadic peoples have to be inventive; when you carry your world around with you, everything has to be dual-purpose or better. Otherwise you end up like those homeless people with two or more shopping carts full of stuff, who can't move more than a block every half hour! Hell, if I could come up with a computer that would meet my needs (I saw that about the Recon on Slashdot yesterday, but it's a little pricey for me), I'd ditch the laptop and the flightbag in a heartbeat.

Well, let me stop yammering and work on my IPN script so I can get serious selling some stuff on my website, so I don't have to keep working for pennies on RAC or have to (gasp!) get a job. Maybe some software, those succulent cuttings I mentioned before, and whatever else I can come up with.

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