Ugh. DBD::CSV doesn't support primary indices. I could have gotten around lack of transactions by having a separate table for sales, and done:

INSERT INTO SALES (item) VALUES ('uniqueitem66344');

And if it had just been sold it would return an error if 'item' were a primary key. But with CSV (comma-delimited files) it happily accepts a million entries with the same primary key value.

So I'll have to write a better CSV before I can do automated sales on the web. Shit. Well, it'll be good experience.

Why don't I use mysql, you may be asking? Because on freeshell.org it costs extra, and there's no 'lifetime fee' option as there is for ARPA membership. I try not to involve myself in anything that requires regular payments. The only thing I can think of in that category is my property taxes in New Mexico, currently $8 per year. Oh yeah, and my domains.

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