About all I really accomplished today is a rewrite of the script I use to update my websites from my laptop. For small updates, it now uses a few seconds rather than a few minutes. For large updates, it is about twice as slow. I can live with that, as I rarely update more than a few pages a day.

Peeve: the jobs at RAC that say "this should be quick and easy for a programmer who knows ..." and then set a max bid of $20 or so. Yes, it's quick and easy because I've gone through hell to learn this shit, and you want it for a lousy 20 bucks? I've even seen such with a $4 max. That means the programmer gets exactly 1 dollar, because RAC keeps a minimum of $3. May the gods help me if I stoop so low as to bid on these projects. Panhandling might be more honorable.

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