I think that asshole who was trying to get me kicked off RAC failed; he sent me an email this morning telling me, in so many words, that my ideas wouldn't work, and saying that other programmers were working with him to suggest plans that would work, and weren't asking for any money in advance. Well, goody-good-good for him. I quote:

We have found that this solution will not work:

DNS data is cached, so each request through our "proxy" DNS will not be logged.

If he had read my suggestion carefully, he would have seen that I wasn't saying he should proxy the DNS, he should proxy the fucking website by modifying their DNS record so that www.targetcompany.com instead goes to his server; then he could log the request, use LWP or whatever to fetch or post the request to the target server, and return the results. That would probably be the cheapest, most reliable solution other than simply parsing logfiles on each server, which is a kludge but would probably work well enough. Well, he and those compassionate programmers who like to work for free can now have a circle jerk for all I care.

What pisses me off most is not him, it's my own failure to see through his bullshit in the beginning. I actually though he was a cool guy at first, perhaps a programmer himself, but I got suckered by his marketroid skills. Once you learn a few buzzwords and have made conversation with a few people in a field, you can shoot the shit pretty well up to a point, and have people fooled (especially abnormally trusting individuals like myself) until the time for actual knowledge emerges (as it always does) and suddenly you're the turd in the punchbowl. I've been that turd in the past, and I don't enjoy the feeling, so sometime around 25 years ago I decided not to bullshit about things I don't know. Not saying I haven't done it since then, but I've been a lot more careful to avoid it.

Well, end of rant. Remember those strange peaches I mentioned finding in San Ysidro? Well, I brought a few of them home with me this last trip, and ate the last of them last night. And this time I ate two of the seeds (there are two to 5 fairly large seeds in each, about the size and shape of a dried bean), and guess what? They had the pleasant cyanide taste of peach pits! I used to eat those all the time as a kid. These are so much easier, since there's nothing to crack open. I could probably get a fatal dose (50 to 60mg) without trying too hard if I'm not careful.

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