Making very little progress in my CSV module. Thinking of rewriting the IPN script in Python so I can use gadfly, which does support indices, but not safe concurrency (apparently doesn't flock() the files). But that may not be good enough either, so I may just be killing time on that route.

(image: loquat tree) Found out what those "stange peaches" are: loquats! With a little help from my friends. Going to see if I can grow some here at the house so I don't have to schlep my butt all the way to San Ysidro to steal them off someone else's tree.

That Prior Art site I mentioned is good, but charges $155 per document submission. That's a little pricey, I might hold out for someone to make a free site along those lines. Or build one myself. Yeah, right. Like I've built any of the other sites I've been promising.

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