This Paypal shopping-cart/IPN shit is getting complicated. All those "how-to" articles that dismiss the details with a handwave and a contrived example or two are just a waste of time. If I finally get this working I ought to publish a real how-to on it. Not saying I will, but I ought to.

Coffee. Chocolate. Program.

Sometimes I get annoyed at what an impostor I am. I use vulgar language and say "God damn" but something inside me disdains that, or in the latter case even fears it. I call myself a hunter-gatherer, but in fact I would probably die if left to my own devices; I can forage, sure, and I've learned quite a lot about edible foods both in the wild and inside city limits, but when it comes to hunting I'm a near-total ignoramus. And since my stomach starts complaining after only a few hours without meat, just foraging isn't going to suit me very well. I might survive for a while, but productivity would probably go down the tubes, and would I maintain my will to live? Not sure.

Like my websites and my programming, my life is very much a work-in-progress. Each day that I wake up alive is another chance to learn something new, to accomplish something great. I love being a nomad. Even when I'm at the house I live as if I were just passing through, and she seems to have learned to be content with that. I don't miss the ratrace at all. Keep your 6-figure incomes and your stress overloads. I'm takin' it one day at a time, thank you very much.

OK, so I'm starting to ramble. Not much connectedness here. Doesn't matter. I'm just a character in a Pynchon novel, remember? I just opened an item in Howard Rheingold's brainstorms forum, Life Stories article 454, for feedback on this blog, if you're so inclined. You can always email me, too.

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