Finished my 5th job at RentACoder.com. The pay may not be so great, but the customers are a joy to work with, particularly this one guy, who gave me another bonus on top of what I charged for the job.

(image: W.A.S.T.E. trail) Finally emptied my James Bond 007 camera of the last 2 weeks' or so worth of photos. This is an example of what I call a "waste trail", referring of course to Thomas Pynchon's W.A.S.T.E. mail carriers in the story The Crying of Lot 49. These footpaths of course can be found all over the world but, to me, they have a particular mystical significance in Southern California since I read that novel a few years ago. This particular one is in Southern San Diego approaching the Otay River along Beyer Boulevard.

(image: perfect lawn) Not far from the previous photo, I took this snapshot of the East side of Beyer, showing a perfect lawn of Carpobrotus Acinaciformis or another succulent. On a 45 degree slope, who would want to cut grass? If the other benefits of succulents didn't sell you in my previous rant, surely the thought of having such a nice lawn with close to zero maintenance will? Here's another shot of a Delosperma, this one with a bright orange-red flower.

(image: Rosarito open sewer) The shame of Rosarito: a foul-smelling brook that runs past the Smart & Final out to the ocean. It seems to be raw or minimally-processed sewage, possibly with industrial chemicals as well. I haven't followed it to its source to find out, but one would think something so obviously wrong would have someone investigating, if that someone weren't being paid off not to. I'd like to see the Mayor of Rosarito here every Sunday taking a public bath; betcha it would get cleaned up pronto.

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