I forgot to mention, if you decide you need to carry a flight bag, don't just leave it unprotected while you're sleeping. I keep a coiled rope around my waist, connected with a cheapo carabiner from Wal-Mart (remind me someday to post the details), and hook the extending handle of the flightbag to my waist with it while sleeping. I've done that since that evening in Long Beach when that frickin kid almost walked off with my stuff. I also try to keep one arm around it while sleeping, but you can't count on that so make sure if someone grabs it you'll wake up.

Also, learn how to protect yourself. If a group gangs up on you, you're probably dead meat, but you should be able to fend off one or two attackers. If you've still got some cash, check out Hikuta, a deadly martial "art" that doesn't take years to learn. Warning: website is text-browser-hostile. But just 'cause his website sucks doesn't mean he can't kick your ass. Right, Kubler Al? :^)

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